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    Thursday, September 14, 2017   /   by David Mcduffee

    How To Get Your Offer Accepted

    While the market has seen some slowing in recent months, our team has found that the best homes in the best neighborhoods are still very competitive. We have personally been in several situations in which our buyer is competing with multiple offers for a home lately. Sometimes we lose and sometimes we win, but we have found the tips below to be the most effective in getting our buyer the home.

    1. Increase the earnest money deposit
    This one is a personal favorite because the risk that our buyer will lose their earnest money is very low. We watch timelines like a hawk and ensure that our buyer never steps outside the agreed upon terms of the contract. This does, however, show the seller that you are very serious about the home.

    2. Increase offer price
    This seems intuitive, but the number one thing sellers care about is MONEY. Don't be afraid to offer above list, but be sure your realtor looks at comparable sales in the area to be sure it is justified. If you offer too much ...

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